20 questions:

1. Bio picture, explain:  A doctor took my blood on set for a shoot on Blood Spatter for Wired- literally my blood, sweat and tears

2. Nickname: JK

3. Hometown: Farmington, Michigan

4. Current town: Brooklyn, NY

5. Education: Center for Creative Studies (Detroit) and Parsons School of Design (NYC)

6. Ethnicity: My Father’s last name is Kambouris and my Mother’s Arvanitakis

7. First concert: Metallica at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan

8. Football Club: Liverpool FC

9. Pint: Brooklyn Pennant Ale

10. Season: Fall

11. If not a photographer: I would be a pilot

12. Childhood memory: Going to DTW with my Dad and watching planes take off

13. Last Meal: Cheese Burger cooked medium, fries,  a root beer and a chocolate milk shake

14. Celebrity look alike: An online test once said I look like a mixture between Paul Newman
and Dakota Fanning

15. Camera: Mamiya DF body/Leaf digital back

16. Favorite pastime: Cooking

17. Farthest traveled destination: Singapore, 22 hours of pure fly time

18. Favorite movie: 28 Days Later

19. New York Moment: I was on set with a certain member of the band Kiss- who said ” I would really like to see you in prison” I really don’t know where he was going with that, but I will never forget that moment

20. Influences: Robert Rauchenburg, Jean Michel Basquiat, Giotto, Gordon Parks